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Research shows that it takes at least 21 Days to form a new habit. HabitForge helps you stay on track so that you can form life-changing habits. We keep track of your goals and send you reminders so you can get better every single day.

img 1. Decide
What could you do daily to improve your life? We all have room to improve. Pick one thing and get started! Life is short, so commit to taking action now!
img 2. Build Your First Habit
In under a minute you can be set up with your first habit. We'll check in on you as often as you want, and we'll keep track of how you're doing.
img 3. Track Your Progress
We'll check in via email to ask if you were successful. Just click "yes" or "no" from that email and we'll keep track of how you're doing. Succeed for 21 days straight, and the new action will be easier than ever to maintain.
  • "I've been using calorie counting sites for years but I could never make it even 1 week without going over my allowed calories at least 1 day a week (& more likely 3 or 4 days). But when I started using HabitForge (my goal being to not go over my calories any day), it just made so much sense & I'm so proud of myself & thankful to HabitForge."
    Kathie Frey
    Buffalo, NY
  • "Habitforge has been that little thing that happens every day to keep me on track. It's not complicated or time intensive but it helps me to stay accountable. I'm glad I found it!"
    Lisa Savage
    Newark, DE
  • "Whenever I set out to accomplish something, I most often succeed when my desire is coupled with encouragement, positive motivation, inspiration. HabitForge has given me all that, along with accountability. Very awesome! Thanks for reminding people to be good to themselves!"
    Kathryn Bromfield
  • "HabitForge is beautifully designed and helped me succeed at most of the habits I have put my mind onto. The email service is superb. I always look forward to click on 'I did it today' and it makes me feel awesome...I have already started recommending people for using Habitforge to build habits and change their lives forever...Love and all green lights for the people who made HabitForge possible..you rock :)"
    Sayantan Sen
  • "HabitForge has just about perfected the mix of encouraging you to get to that task early so that you can proudly tick the box and move on with your day and using peer pressure to get you back on track if you happen to fall behind. Personally it's helped me experience the power of getting one important thing done first thing in the morning - somehow that empowers me to get loads more important things throughout the rest of the day."
  • "For years, I've been trying to motivate myself to do this goal of reading the Bible Lesson each day. Not until HabitForge have I actually been able to keep doing it regularly! It's just a simple, but incredibly effective tool."
    Estey Silva
    Newton, MA
  • "HabitForge has made it fun and automatic for me to stick to my goals! There were a few days I would have skipped, but I didn't want to report that to HabitForge so I stuck to it! HF is great - definitely recommend : )"
    Julia Mozley
    Albuquerque, NM
  • "HabitForge deserves its name. Sincerely recommended."
    Krzysztof Kula

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If you want to create more than one new habit, or if you just need an extra push to keep you motivated, consider our HabitForge Premium accountability options.


"Solid science backs up the idea that the first few weeks of forming any habit are the toughest. For 21 days, this site sends me a daily reminder and asks me to report how I did yesterday. When I falter, it rolls the count back to zero again. By the time I've done something for 21 days, it's a habit. Free."
"I've had a very hard time with eating fast food over the course of 20 years. I just love the taste and no matter what I've tried to do I couldn't stop. Then one day I ran across this website and it made a tremendous difference in fighting my fast food eating behavior. The website helped reinforce what I needed to do over and over again on a daily basis and with the proper motivational quotes I was able to build momentum each and every day to be successful. I haven't looked back since. I went from 10% bodyfat to 4% bodyfat. My physique transformation is truly amazing. If I can do it so can anyone else. Thanks habitforge."
Jim Missouri City, TX
"Habitforge is a phenomenal change tool. As a public health professional and trained social worker, I find their service perfect for scheduling the right time to plant an email trigger and and their "extra accountability" program is exceptional. I would recommend this to anyone, especially busy professionals, who check their email frequently and want a friendly automated reminder. Habitforge has literally helped me implement a core habit, Meditation, after years of failing and I'm more mindful and relaxed due to this great service. Thanks Habitforge!"
Mozart Guerrier Master Social Worker, Syracuse, NY
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Our goal is simply to help you live more
fully and enjoy a healthier, happier life.

AT HABITFORGE we are on a mission... to change the world one habit at a time. By helping you at first to consciously make a better choice each and every day until eventually the "better choice" is an automatic response.

As we continue to develop HabitForge, we will be digging further into the nuts and bolts and nuances behind habit formation... converting the "what and how" that world-renowned scientists have revealed during their past 20 years of "positive psychology research" into simple, practical HabitForge features that will help you get there faster than ever.

HabitForge is supported by Early To Rise, whose aim is to help you become more effective in work and life, enjoy more choices and freedom and reach a better lifestyle overall. To learn more about Early To Rise, visit our website.

HabitForge is also supported by John Rowley. International Best-Selling author, founder of The 52 Million Pound Challenge, speaker and contributor to much of the media including Fox News, SmartMoney and Martha Stewart – John Rowley has earned the title “America’s Lifestyle Strategist,” for his ability to inspire millions to become physically, mentally and spiritually fit, using simple, common sense solutions.